You must always think for yourself

As critically as humanly possible. Do not be influenced by the corporation, for its decision makers can be mistaken. They can be influenced. They can have ulterior motives. They can be blinded to the truth. But always accept the wisdom of those who have maintained health, created wealth and enjoyed happiness. For they have thought … Continue reading You must always think for yourself

Not actually self-motivated

You say you’re self-motivated, but then strive to hit the target. I don’t care about the target; I care about crushing it, regardless of that number and your opinion of it. Because that number cannot always be accurately predicted, and was likely computed by someone who cannot predict the future. When you hit or surpass the … Continue reading Not actually self-motivated

Self-deception and your awareness of it

Be aware of your self-deceptive tendencies: Your desire to lie to yourself both consciously and unconsciously - your urge to justify your thoughts and actions using anything but logic and rationality. While it is not easy to consciously control your self-deception, doing so can be hugely beneficial - especially to improve productivity and happiness. The … Continue reading Self-deception and your awareness of it