Get it done too soon and you might need to either redo, undo or pay the opportunity cost. Wait too long and possibly miss the boat. Wait just long enough to see how things play out, then jump in the right direction before others do. This lets you gather more information than those who acted … Continue reading Timing

Then what?

It’s often about asking then what? If this, then what?  If you get the paperwork and it says this, then what? If it says that, then what? If it says this AND that, then what? If is says neither this NOR that, then what? The problem occurs when the answer to then what? is an assumption. In which … Continue reading Then what?

Plan B

If you know it's there, there’s a reason to fail. Don’t confuse having a Plan B with risk mitigation or contingency planning. The former is for losers, the latter are for winners. Risk mitigation and contingency planning can help avoid potentially disastrous outcomes. Plan B encourages foolish behaviour and potentially disastrous outcomes. Here’s what Seth Godin … Continue reading Plan B