Exposure can kill you

Many will try to barter your art for “exposure.”

You must immediately ask Exposure to what?

Because exposure to the wrong things can kill you: A deadly virus, a toxic crowd, an imposter of a faith healer.

And if the exposure doesn’t kill you, it can still waste your time, killing your productivity at the very least.

But there’s a balance to be had between refusing exposure and being open to serendipity. The partner you meet, the idea you stumble upon or the experience you gain cannot always be planned. It comes serendipitously.

Assess each opportunity that comes your way, and ask yourself what kind of exposure you will get. It if can kill you, stay away; if it can facilitate serendipity, jump on it.

While you cannot always know who or what you will be exposed to, you can always use your best judgment – it’s better than blindly accepting exposure to something that can possibly kill you.

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