Tomorrow needs to be even better than today

The metric being measured can be different from one day to the next. One day might be for learning, another day for loving, another day for helping and yet another day for sharing.

But there is one common metric that must be continuously measured, and ideally reinforced: Gratitude.

Without gratitude, you won’t be able to appreciate what makes today great, and won’t be able to fathom how tomorrow could be even better.

The answer to making tomorrow even better than today? More gratitude.

One thought on “Tomorrow needs to be even better than today

  1. Hey there! Just wanted to leave a little note before I leave to say…I REALLY like your blog, your writing is effortless to read, yet it generated many thoughts. You are clearly a wise soul and I thank you for capturing my attention over and over. It is rare to find a blog that you could quite happily stay on all day, and yours has done that for me! Soooo…Thanks and I also look forward to my next visit here…Have a tip a dee top day…Luv Dawny 🙂


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