Self-deception and your awareness of it

Be aware of your self-deceptive tendencies: Your desire to lie to yourself both consciously and unconsciously – your urge to justify your thoughts and actions using anything but logic and rationality.

While it is not easy to consciously control your self-deception, doing so can be hugely beneficial – especially to improve productivity and happiness. The trick is to lie to yourself so convincingly that you come to believe your lies, or to call yourself out on the lies you’re telling yourself that act either as excuses or through cognitive dissonance. Awareness is the first step towards action.

Using self-deception you can stay motivated when others might get discouraged, believing your purpose or work has great impact, making you happier and more fulfilled, or convincing yourself your idea is truly viable and persisting on before giving up too soon, making you successful. By lying to yourself you may indeed create the motivation, impact, purpose or change you were hoping for.

Bring as many of your self-deceptive thoughts as possible into your conscious awareness. When used foolishly, self-deception quickly becomes self-delusion. When used wisely, self-deception can be a very powerful tool.

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