Regret it

Not having regrets is for people who are afraid. Afraid of facing their own shortcomings or failures. Afraid of admitting to a poor decision made.

Regrets are for the ignorant among us who think they have always made the best decision, arguing they made that decision based on the information they had, rather than acquiring the information they needed.

Sometimes you have to make choices with insufficient information. And that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to regret it that choice.

In fact, it’s profitable to have regrets. For example, to acknowledge not having worked hard enough at something, not having asked for more than you think you could have got, not having considered all the options, whatever.

Regrets aren’t bad. They’re a tool for learning. Just don’t shift to the other extreme and get down on yourself because of all your regrets. You couldn’t have know the outcome of the alternative anyway. Just acknowledge them and move on.

So please, regret. The more you regret, the more you will reflect, the more you will learn and the smarter you will become.

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