Infinite distractions

You might have gone to send an email only to find yourself reading emails, forgetting why you opened your email account in the first place.

Or maybe you went to your web browser to do a keyword search only to get caught in an interesting story in the already-opened tab.

Or maybe you started towards the kitchen, only to receive a text message mid-trip, leaving you bewildered as you stand in the middle of the kitchen, staring at your phone, forgetting that all you wanted was a glass of water or a potato chip.

Or maybe you were reading a book, stumbled upon a word you didn’t know, looked it up in your phone’s web browser, only to find yourself on Facebook (don’t click it!) with your opened book resting on your lap.

There are indeed infinite distractions, especially with technology. It is therefore important to not let technology negatively affect your efficiency and memory; if anything technology should be used to enhance your life, not distract it.

Prioritize and execute.

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